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Adverse Effect of Other Agents Primarily Affecting the Cardiovascular System, Initial Encounter clinical trials at UCSF
1 in progress, 1 open to new patients

  • Cardiovascular Assessment of the Effects of Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Products

    open to eligible people ages 18–50

    The overarching goal of this project is to develop a panel of cardiovascular risk biomarkers that can detect differences in the cardiovascular safety of various tobacco products, whether conventional, new or emerging, in order to help the FDA with the task of regulating them. This will be achieved through 4 aims: Aim 1: Determine the relative contributions of nicotine and combustion products to the cardiovascular risk of active cigarette smoking. Aim 2: Determine which cardiovascular risk biomarkers are affected by exposure to secondhand smoke. Aim 3: Determine the cardiovascular risk of smokeless tobacco use. Aim 4: Determine the cardiovascular risk of electronic cigarettes and the respective contributions of nicotine and electronic cigarette vapor.

    San Francisco, California