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Fractional Zinc Absorption clinical trials at UCSF
1 research study open to eligible people

  • Determination of Pre-Absorptive Dissociation of Zinc From a Zinc Amino Acid Complex in Healthy Men

    open to eligible males ages 18-50

    Zinc may be absorbed from diet via zinc transporter mediated pathways, or, when coupled with amino acids, via amino acid transporter pathways. When zinc is coupled with amino acids in diet, it may dissociate from those amino acids in the acidic environment of the stomach prior to entering the small intestine. An experimentally-determined value for any pre-absorptive dissociation of zinc from a zinc amino acid complex (ZnAA) is necessary for the accurate compartmental modeling of zinc metabolism when provided as ZnAA compared with ionic zinc, which the investigators will perform in a future study. The current study will allow us to determine the dissociation of zinc from ZnAA, while serving as a pilot test of a novel technique to determine for the first time an individual's zinc transport kinetics.

    Oakland, California

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