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Medical Overuse clinical trials at UCSF

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  • Engaging Patients to Promote Deprescribing

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    One mechanism to reduce potentially inappropriate medications is through deprescribing, a deimplementation-based approach to thoughtfully discontinue a medication a patient is currently prescribed. Many interventions to overcome deprescribing barriers target the provider, who is already overburdened. Although some believe providers have primary responsibility for deprescribing, patient-initiated discontinuation discussions can effectively facilitate deprescribing. In a single-site pilot study, the investigators successfully engaged VA Primary Care patients to facilitate deprescribing of select potentially inappropriate medications. The investigators now propose a multisite randomized controlled trial of engaging Veterans who may be deprescribing candidates. By study end, the investigators will have established the effectiveness of an innovative, low-tech, patient-focused intervention to promote deprescribing, thereby directly improving quality, safety, and value of VA care while also setting the stage for generalization of this approach to other potentially inappropriate medications.

    San Francisco, California and other locations

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