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Sleep Bruxism clinical trials at UCSF

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  • OstiSense Biosensor in Bruxism Reduction - A Clinical Study

    Sorry, not yet accepting patients

    The overall objective of the clinical studies with the OstiSense biosensor tool will be to evaluate whether the use of the OstiSense biosensor tool significantly reduces the number of sleep bruxism events per night as well as the duration of those events for patients with bruxism.The product under investigation is the OstiSense biosensor with biofeedback for bruxism therapy. The sensor is integrated in a night-guard like device and registers the pressure created during a bruxism episode. If a predetermined pressure threshold is exceeded, the integrated vibration tool will be activated, and the vibrations will/should remind the wearer to stop clenching his jaws and relax his facial muscles. Due to this feedback, the number of bruxism episodes as well as clenching time per episode should be reduced. The sensor also identifies the time of grinding and the sleep stage of the patient.

    San Francisco, California

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