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The human Prion diseases can be classified into sporadic, acquired and inherited forms. Inherited forms usually manifest in higher age so there have to be factors preventing Prion propagation in young mutation carriers. Antibodies against the flexible tail of Prions have been shown to be protective in mice. The investigators intend to screen mutation carriers and controls for the presence of Prion autoantibodies.


Prion Diseases Antibodies blood draw carriers of a mutation in the Prion gene family members of carriers of a mutation in the Prion gene


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Open to people ages 1-99

  • Relatives of patients of genetic Prion diseases
  • Obtained informed consent

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  • No informed consent


  • UCSF Memory and Aging Center accepting new patients
    San Francisco California United States
  • University Medical Center Göttingen accepting new patients
    Göttingen Germany
  • Institute of Neuropathology accepting new patients
    Zürich Switzerland
  • Medical University Graz accepting new patients
    Graz Austria
  • Slovak Medical University accepting new patients
    Bratislava Slovakia
  • Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche accepting new patients
    Milano Italy
  • CJD Foundation Israel accepting new patients
    Pardés H̱anna Karkur Israel


accepting new patients
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University of Zurich
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Observational [Patient Registry]
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November 9, 2017