for people ages 18 years and up (full criteria)
at Fresno, California and other locations
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This study is designed to assess the acceptability and usability of a new Endotracheal Tube (ET) holding device for an orally intubated patient.

Official Title

Assessment of AnchorFast Guard Subglottic ET Tube


This is a multiple site prospective assessment of the study product in ICU settings. The study is comprised of each intubated subject wearing one study product until the device either needs to be changed or is no longer required by the subject. The study product is designed to hold a standard or subglottic ET tube and help reduce the potential for occlusion (blockage) of the tube.


Intubation New oral endotracheal tube holder


You can join if…

Open to people ages 18 years and up

  1. Is 18 years of age or older and require oral tracheal intubation with subglottic ET tube size 6.0-8.0mm
  2. Requires the use of a bite block per the hospital's standard of care
  3. Has intact skin on and around application site, including cheeks and lips
  4. Oral cavity is free of open sores, ulcers, wounds, and lesions
  5. Subject or Legal Authorized representative (LAR) able to provide informed consent for the study
  6. Is qualified to participate in the opinion of the Investigator, or designee

You CAN'T join if...

  1. Has actual or perceived loose teeth, is without teeth, or is unable to wear upper dentures
  2. Has facial hair that interferes with the adhesion of the skin barrier pads
  3. Has a clinically significant skin disease or condition, or damaged skin on the application site, such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, active cancer, sores,sunburns, scars, moles
  4. Has a medical condition, surgery or a procedure that prevents the proper application of the device, including placement of the neck strap.
  5. Has a known or stated allergy to adhesives
  6. Currently is participating in any clinical study which may affect the performance of the device


  • Community Regional Medical Center accepting new patients
    Fresno California 93701 United States
  • Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center accepting new patients
    Gresham Oregon 97030 United States
  • Lagacy Good Samaritan Medical Center accepting new patients
    Portland Oregon 97210 United States
  • Legacy Emanuel accepting new patients
    Portland Oregon 97227 United States


accepting new patients
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February 20, 2018