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Drug Use clinical trials at UCSF
1 in progress, 1 open to new patients

  • Gender-Responsive Drug Use Treatment for Juvenile Justice Girls

    open to eligible females ages 12 years to 18 years

    Girls in the juvenile justice system have unique developmental pathways to drug use and co-occurring risk (e.g., HIV/STI) behaviors that have typically not been considered or tested in order to identify evidence-based gender-specific substance use treatment approaches for this population. This study will advance scientific knowledge and clinical practice in the drug treatment and public health fields by testing the efficacy of a pre-existing, widely disseminated gender-responsive substance use treatment (VOICES) on drug use and HIV/STI risk behavior outcomes for a broad range of substance using girls and young women (ages 12-24) who are at-risk for or already involved with the justice system.

    Providence, Rhode Island