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For Researchers

What researchers need to know about this site

UCSF Clinical Trials displays data about active studies at UCSF in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. This information is extracted at least weekly from

  • To help potential participants better navigate and connect with UCSF research opportunities, we encourage you to review your studies periodically to ensure information is up to date, especially its recruitment status.

  • Please be aware that people may contact you via UCSF Clinical Trials to inquire about a study. We urge you to respond quickly and work directly with these potential participants.

Study pages

  • Study data is pulled from Be sure your studies are kept updated there. Here's how. Changes you make there will flow to this site within a week. Using plain language in the Summary field will make your study more approachable by the public.

    • The "I'm Interested" button is presented on the UCSF site when a study has an Available or Recruiting status in the record. This allows people to reach send their contact information to the study team.

    • If your study is seeking participants only from referrals or other non-public means, using the status "Enrolling by Invitation" will remove the "I'm Interested" button while allowing the study to remain on the site.

Condition pages

  • Studies are included in condition pages based on the conditions listed in the record. Studies with multiple conditions in their record will be on multiple pages.
  • On condition pages, studies that have one of the open recruiting statuses appear before those that are active, and not recruiting. Completed, terminated or otherwise closed studies are not listed on this site.

What to do if your study isn’t on the site

  • Enter your study in Only studies listed on will display on UCSF Clinical Trials. The NIH requires that clinical trials they fund be added to Observational studies may be listed as well.
  • Make sure the study includes UCSF or a partner (ZSFG, CHORI, etc) as a location, sponsor or collaborator in the record.
  • Ensure that the recruiting status at is one of the open statuses or is Active, not recruiting. All other Closed studies are not listed on the UCSF site.
  • If your study is still not listed and you believe it should be according to the above, please send your NCT number to