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Equity in Research and Clinical Trials

UCSF believes that healthcare, and the medical research that informs it, should be reflective of all people. We acknowledge that historically UCSF has not always gotten this crucial aspect right. There is more we will and must do to ensure that moving forward, ALL populations are included in the development, research and provision of high quality, culturally inclusive, respectful service, and care.

To put it simply, we believe that when you KNOW better, you DO better. We developed this site to increase awareness of and access to information about current and future clinical trials at UCSF. Our goal is to break down barriers to access and inclusion by simplifying the process of finding studies that people can relate to through different means including cultural and racial/ethnic backgrounds.

We understand this will not erase the hurt and harm experienced historically in the realm of research, but we are committed to an inclusive and representative reality moving forward. We thank you for your consideration and future contributions to this important work.

Learn more about anti-racism at UCSF:

While most trials at UCSF are open to everyone, some trials are studying topics that directly affect certain populations and these trials are therefore actively trying to recruit from certain groups.

Here are some examples:

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