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Caregiver Burnout clinical trials at UCSF

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  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Dementia Caregivers

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    Aims: The overall study will contribute to understanding how the cultivation of caregiver mindfulness might improve the quality of relationship between caregivers and demented patients by making it more mutual, connected, empathic and positive. This study will additionally elucidate which facets of mindfulness account for caregiver's happiness and psychological well-being. Lastly, investigators will explore whether the cultivation of mindfulness skills to caregivers will have an impact on dementia patients' lifestyles, investigating the idea that the fruits of mindfulness training can be leveraged by both the caregiver and the care-recipient. Sample: In this study 40 dementia caregivers will be recruited to participate; 20 will be allocated to the clinical intervention group (i.e., adapted MBSR for caregivers) and 20 to the active control group. Data will be collected pre-post the start of intervention, and at a 3 month follow up. Future orientation: This study may contribute to evidence-based knowledge concerning the efficacy of mindfulness based interventions to support caregiver empowerment, via regaining relationship satisfaction and achieving greater equanimity in the face of stressors.

    San Francisco, California

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