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Environmental Exposure clinical trials at UCSF

1 research study open to eligible people

Environmental exposure means being in contact with substances or chemicals in the environment. UCSF is recruiting participants for a trial to reduce pesticide exposure in child care centers. This study aims to lower the risk of health problems related to long-term pesticide exposure. Nurses will lead an integrated pest management program to reduce pesticide use at the centers.

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  • Reducing Pesticide Exposures in Child Care Centers

    open to eligible people ages 3-75

    To reduce the risk of adverse health problems associated with chronic exposure to pesticides, a randomized control study will evaluate a nurse-led integrated pest management (IPM) intervention in 88 child care centers serving socio-economically and ethnically diverse preschool-age children in four California counties. Positive changes in IPM knowledge, policies, practices, pests, and pesticide exposure will be assessed.

    San Francisco, California

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