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Enzyme Deficiency clinical trials at UCSF

1 research study open to eligible people

An enzyme deficiency means your body doesn't have enough of certain proteins to work correctly. UCSF is studying a condition called SPL Insufficiency Syndrome. The study is about understanding how this disease changes over time.

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  • SPL Insufficiency Syndrome (SPLIS)/NPHS14: a SPLIS Observational Study and Patient Registry (International)

    open to all eligible people

    This protocol aims to characterize the natural history of sphingosine phosphate lyase insufficiency syndrome (SPLIS), also known as NPHS14, and to create a SPLIS patient registry. Medical records, radiological and pathology results, blood test results, and genetic information will be collected. Samples of blood, cheek cells, urine and stool may be collected for analysis. If a skin biopsy has been performed for medical care, cells from the biopsy may be analyzed. No treatment or other intervention is involved in this study. However, the effect of treatments administered by the patient's physician may be detected and monitored based on changes in the blood or urine.

    San Francisco, California

Our lead scientists for Enzyme Deficiency research studies include .

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