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Hearing Loss clinical trials at UCSF
1 research study open to new patients

  • Hearing Health Care Service Access and Use

    open to eligible people ages 60 years and up

    Hearing loss screening rates in for older persons in primary care clinics are very low even though hearing loss is relatively common for older persons. When diagnosed with hearing loss older persons are often reluctant to follow through. This study involves a prospective controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of three primary care based protocols for older adults ≥ 60 who screen positive for possible hearing loss in promoting subsequent access to and use of hearing health care services. The protocols will compare: 1) screening only (standard care control); 2) screening plus an illustrated educational brochure; and 3) screening plus an in-person educational intervention and an illustrated educational brochure. Screening will be done by primary care personnel. Participants will be tracked for 8 months to assess outcomes.

    San Francisco, California

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