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Joint Infection clinical trials at UCSF
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  • How to Improve the Results of Irrigation and Debridement for PJI Through the Use of Intraosseous Antibiotics

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    Purpose of Study: In order to improve upon the modest results seen in irrigation and debridement for periprosthetic infection and limit the number of surgical procedures performed we ask if the use of intraosseous regional administration of antibiotics at the time of irrigation and debridement would further improve the results of irrigation debridement for prosthetic joint infection. Impact Question: How will this study benefit the patient? Currently when an I&D fails, the patient needs to undergo two more major procedures: 1) implant removal and 2) reimplantation of the prosthesis. Since I&D currently fails up to 2/3 of the time, any improvement will decrease the number of patients having to go through two procedures to cure their infection.

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