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Mindfulness clinical trials at UCSF

3 in progress, 1 open to eligible people

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  • Defining Stress REsilience And Mindfulness Effects in Rheumatoid Arthritis

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    This clinical trial will test a mindfulness program in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The main goals of this pilot study are to: - Assess patient satisfaction with a mindfulness course - Identify barriers to participation in, or completion of, a mindfulness course - Gather initial information to understand how a mindfulness course impacts RA symptoms Participants will: - Complete online questionnaires - Attend two in-person study visits, involving a brief joint exam and blood draw - Roughly half the participants will have the chance to participate in an 8-week online mindfulness course - Roughly half the participants will be invited to participate in an online focus group following completion of the mindfulness course Researchers will compare those in the mindfulness course with those receiving standard care in preparation for a larger future study to see how mindfulness impacts stress and inflammation in individuals with RA.

    San Francisco, California

  • Mindfulness Based Pain Reduction

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    This is a development study with clinical outcomes. The investigators aim to develop and test an 8-week MBPR (Mindfulness-Based Pain Reduction) program, which draws on intervention work and clinical experience in the investigative team to optimize a mindfulness-based intervention for individuals with chronic pain. The overall goal of this study is to ensure that the MBPR program has been carefully refined and manualized in an in-person setting before performing clinical trials comparing MBPR to MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) to test whether it improves pain outcomes. This study includes a Pain Attention Task that separates insula activation during experimental heat application between different pain attention conditions.

    San Francisco, California

  • Mobile Mindfulness for Alcohol Use and PTSD Among Veterans

    Sorry, in progress, not accepting new patients

    The purpose of the present study is to develop and test a mobile mindfulness intervention for Alcohol Use Disorder and PTSD among OEF/OIF veterans

    San Francisco, California and other locations

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