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Rectal Prolapse clinical trials at UCSF

1 research study open to eligible people

Rectal prolapse is when the rectum falls out of place. A clinical trial called "SINGLE PORT (SP) Robotic Technology in Colorectal Surgery" is recruiting participants at UCSF. The trial will test a new single-port robotic surgery platform for colorectal surgeries, instead of the current multiport platform.

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  • SINGLE PORT (SP) Robotic Technology in Colorectal Surgery

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    Currently a multiport robotic surgery platform (Intuitive Xi) is widely available and used for colorectal surgery indications. A Single port platform (Intuitive SP) is FDA approved for Head and Neck and Urology but has not been widely used in colorectal surgery. This study seeks to evaluate the safe and effective use of the SP platform for colorectal surgery indications.

    San Francisco, California

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