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Sleep clinical trials at UCSF

3 research studies open to eligible people

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  • Napping, Sleep, Cognitive Decline and Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

    open to eligible people ages 65 years and up

    This study aimed to pilot test a non-pharmacological (behavioral) treatment program targeting improved cognition through improving 24-h sleep-wake cycle in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or mild Alzheimer's disease. A treatment program incorporating bright light therapy and a modified cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia will be developed to address 24-hour patterns of sleep. We will then pilot test its feasibility and explore its preliminary effects on improving sleep/napping and cognition in patients with MCI or mild Alzheimer's disease.

    San Francisco, California

  • Research on Improving Sleep During Pregnancy

    open to eligible females ages 18 years and up

    The overarching goal is to utilize a randomized control design to examine acceptability, feasibility, and adherence of mindfulness-based stress reduction plus prenatal sleep supplement (MBSR+PS) compared to treatment as usual among pregnant people with poor sleep quality (n=50).

    San Francisco, California

  • Summertime: Kids in Motion

    open to eligible people ages 8-10

    This is a 3-week randomized crossover study to determine the effect of the prior night's sleep duration on energy-balance related behaviors of diet and physical activity the following day. In Week 1, child participants will sleep their usual amount. In week 2, participants will be randomized to either a sleep restricted or a healthy sleep condition for 4 nights. In week 3, participants will cross over to the opposite sleep condition for 4 nights.

    San Francisco, California

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