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by Sharad Wadhwani, MD, MPH
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The social determinants of health have a large impact on health. For example, neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation is associated with increased risk of medication non-adherence, graft failure, and death in children after liver transplant. In order to address these socioeconomic inequities in outcomes, a more granular understanding of how the social determinants of health impact outcomes is needed. In this observational prospective cohort, caregivers of children undergoing liver transplantation will complete surveys and undergo in-depth, qualitative interviews. The survey will assess comprehensively for the social determinants of health (e.g. material economic hardship, health literacy, social connectedness, primary care quality, etc). The qualitative interviews will identify barriers and facilitators that socioeconomically deprived children/families have to obtaining the ideal outcome and identify health system opportunities to integrate social needs and medical care. Data will be linked to an existing prospective cohort study (The Society for Pediatric Liver Transplant registry) to assess the impact of social risk on outcomes after transplant.

Healthcare providers who take care of children undergoing liver transplant will also be included in the qualitative interviews. The goal of including this group in the study is to determine the health systems barriers and facilitators to social needs screening and intervention.


Liver Transplantation, Liver Diseases, Pediatric, Health services research, Social determinants of health


You can join if…

Open to people ages up to 70 years

Caregivers/parents of children with the following criteria will be approached for inclusion in this study:

  • Children <18 years of age at the time of transplant
  • Undergoing liver transplantation
  • Guardian's consent, child assent (in accordance with each institution's IRB policies)
  • Consents to enrollment in SPLIT

You CAN'T join if...

Caregivers/parents of children undergoing liver transplantation will be excluded it:

  • Caregiver unwilling or unable to complete the survey
  • Child is a ward of the state (e.g., foster care) since present circumstances may not be reflective of child's past or future circumstances
  • Non-English, non-Spanish speakers
  • Non-US residents
  • Declined participation in SPLIT

Inclusion Criteria for Interview Portion of the Study:

  • Participants who have completed the questionnaire OR
  • Medical team member involved in the care of children undergoing liver transplant (e.g., physician, nurse, social worker)


  • UCSF accepting new patients
    San Francisco California 94158 United States
  • Lucile Packard Children's Hospital accepting new patients
    Palo Alto California 94304 United States

Lead Scientist at UCSF

  • Sharad Wadhwani, MD, MPH
    Dr. Wadhwani is a practicing pediatric general/transplant hepatologist who specializes in caring for children across the entire spectrum of liver disease, from diagnosis to transplant. Dr. Wadhwani is also a clinical investigator with a research program dedicated to improving the lives of children undergoing liver transplant.


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