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The clinical trail will assess the safety of miroliverELAP for the treatment of acute liver failure without underlying chronic liver disease. miroliverELAP is an external liver assist combination product consisting of a single-use MIRO-001 bioengineered liver graft and an extracorporeal blood circuit. miroliverELAP Is intended to support the native (failed) liver for up to 48-hours of continuous treatment to allow time for liver recovery or to identify a transplantable liver.

Official Title

A Phase 1 Prospective Study of the Miromatrix External Liver Assist Product (miroliverELAP®) for Liver Support in Adults With Acute Liver Failure.


This is a phase 1, open, single arm safety study of miroliverELAP for the treatment of acute liver failure (ALF). Subjects who present with ALF and no underlying chronic liver disease may be eligible for the study. Subjects will be treated with miroliverELAP continuously for 48 hours. The study will assess the safety of the miroliverELAP used to support liver function in an individual experiencing ALF. Safety profile will be characterized by survival over the duration of therapy, tracking miroliverELAP-related adverse events, the proportion of subjects surviving 21-day post treatment initiation, and the difference in the values of specific biomarkers pre-treatment and at the time of treatment discontinuation; such as: albumin, ammonia, creatinine, INR, and lactate blood concentration. A minimum of 5 subjects will be treated for 48 hours and followed for 32 days. Up to 15 subjects may be enrolled in up to 8 study sites.


Acute Liver Failure, Acute Liver Injury, Drug Induced, Extracorporeal liver assist, Bioengineered liver, Liver Failure, Hepatic Insufficiency, Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury, miroliverELAP treatment


You can join if…

Open to people ages 18-80

  1. 18 years to 80 years old at the time of signing the informed consent
  2. Subject must:
    1. be deemed competent to consent by an independent qualified practitioner, or
    2. have consent given by a Legally Authorized Representative
  3. Be diagnosed with acute liver failure as defined as:
    1. INR ≥ 2.5, and
    2. Hepatic Encephalopathy Grade II-III (West Haven Criteria), and
    3. Less than 4 weeks (28 days) of disease duration
  4. Subject is not a candidate for liver transplant and will not become a candidate in the event of worsening conditions.

You CAN'T join if...

  1. Underlying chronic liver disease, including:
    1. Acute-on-chronic liver disease
    2. Acute alcoholic-associated hepatitis
    3. Cirrhosis
  2. Grade IV West Haven Encephalopathy Criteria
  3. Previous liver transplant
  4. Currently requires chronic hemodialysis (CRRT or other forms of continuous renal replacement are allowed).
  5. Uncontrolled- documented infection, hypotension or refractory shock. This is defined as a need for a single vasopressor, or combination of vasopressors, that exceed a norepinephrine equivalent of 0.3 mcg/kg/min.
  6. Liver injury due to trauma
  7. Any current liver cancer
  8. Currently on medications with a narrow therapeutic index
  9. Platelet count < 40,000 μL

    10. If the subject is intubated and has an acute lung injury 11. Experiencing a bleeding event, defined as:

    1. Active gastrointestinal or other overt bleeding event, or
    2. Hemoglobin drop > 3g/dL within the past 24 hours, or
    3. Received ≥ 3 units of red blood cell transfusion within the past 24 hours
      1. Female that is currently pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or currently breastfeeding
      2. Refusal to receive blood products


  • UCSF Medical Center
    San Francisco California 94143 United States
  • Intermountain Healthcare
    Salt Lake City Utah 84103 United States


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