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Tubule Necrosis clinical trials at UCSF

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  • NEPH-ROSIS (NEPHrology in CirRhOSIS) Pilot Trial: A Trial to Treat Acute Kidney Injury Among Hospitalized Cirrhosis Patients

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    The goal of this pilot, randomized, single-blind clinical trial is to estimate the effect size of a high and low mean arterial pressure (MAP)-target algorithm among cirrhosis patients hospitalized with acute kidney injury. The main aims to answer are: • Does an algorithm that has low (<80 mmHg) and high (≥80) MAP-targets lead to significant differences in mean arterial pressure? • Are there any serious adverse events (e.g., ischemia) in a high blood pressure algorithm as compared to a low blood pressure algorithm? • Are there any differences in the incidence of AKI reversal in the high v. low MAP-target groups? Participants will be: 1) Randomized to a clinical algorithm that will either target a low (<80 mmHg) or high (≥80 mmHg) MAP. 2) Depending on their group, investigators will titrate commonly used medications to a specific MAP target. Researchers will compare the high and low MAP-target groups to see if these algorithms lead to significant changes in MAP, if they have any impact on AKI reversal, and if there are any adverse events in the high MAP-target group.

    San Francisco, California

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