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ESRD clinical trials at UCSF
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  • Blood Flow Effects on Silicon Substrates

    Sorry, not yet accepting patients

    This is a non-randomized, open label, uncontrolled first in human safety study, testing the the material used in the artificial kidney device in subjects already on hemodialysis. Six subjects already on hemodialysis, who meet the study inclusion and exclusion criteria, and who dialyze at one of the UCSF associated hemodialysis units will be recruited. Each subject will be tested during one non hemodialysis day, at the UCSF Moffitt-Long Hospital Acute Hemodialysis Unit (AHU). The artificial kidney engineers have created a blood flow system that can be substituted for the dialysis filter in a standard hemodialysis machine. This is NOT a dialysis filter. It allows the subjects blood to come in contact with the material while the blood is being circulated as is regularly done during a hemodialysis session.

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