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Psychological Stress clinical trials at UCSF

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  • Examine the Effects of Meditation on Daily Psychological Stress Responses in Woman With a History of Child Adversity

    open to eligible females ages 30-60

    The aim of the Everyday Moments of Mindfulness (EMMI) study is to test whether brief mindfulness-based practices will improve daily psychological stress responses in women (age 30-60) who report a history of early life adversity. Following a baseline visit (remotely or in person), participants complete daily surveys and audio-guided mindfulness-based practices in everyday life via the study app. Specifically, participants receive app-notifications three times/day (morning, afternoon, evening) to complete daily surveys of current stressors and psychological states. At each notification, each participant is then randomly assigned to either receive a mindfulness-based intervention or not (max of 3 interventions/day). Thus, participants are randomized many times over the course of this 30-day study. At the end of the study, participants complete a follow-up visit (remotely or in person).

    San Francisco, California

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